• Note: The above product photo is common for all its variants. The model no mentioned on the product sticker is for representation purpose only. All the physical dimensions remain same for all the variants of a particular size.

DS255SR61-BT1R0,Janatics,Solenoid Valve,1/4 -5/2,110V AC (S) Sol. sp. return valve with LED connector,Spool,5 Port 2 Position

    • Product Details
    • Features
    Spring Return
    110V 50 Hz
    22 mm
    5 ° C to 60 ° C
    5 Port 2 Position
    6 VA
    Transparent housing with bipolar LED indicator confirming supply voltage plus varistor to give over voltage protection to the source and load
    PG Cable Entry

    • Suitable for manifold mounting
    • Mounting provision for individual unit
    • Compact size
    • Manual override
    • Wide range of manifolds available
    • wide range of coil voltages