• Note: The above product photo is common for all its variants. The model no mentioned on the product sticker is for representation purpose only. All the physical dimensions remain same for all the variants of a particular size.

Janatics,PR15632,Precision regulator -G1/2 (4bar),0.1 - 4 Bar,BSP

    • Product Details
    • Features
    0.1 - 4 Bar
    Without Non return valve
    without Tamper proof
    10 Bar
    - 5 ° C to 60 ° C

    • Precise pressure control
    • Characteristics such as flow characteristic, pressure characteristic and repeatability are superior compared with standard regulators
    • Excellent relief flow characteristic is available
    • Suitable for Panel & Modular mountings
    • Diaphragm operated, relieving type (Exhaust)
    • Clamp and pressure gauge can be mounted either in the front or the back
    • Can be assembled with F15, FRC15, FS15 & L15 series of products.